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Why does my organization need ITIL?

Who is ITIL for?

What is ITIL Certification?


Why does my organization need ITIL?
• You can rely on a tried and tested processes of more than 20 years standing.
• You will have access to many templates, checklists and documents.
• You will see relatively quick results.
• ITIL helps you separate administrative tasks and technical tasks so that you assign the most appropriate resources.
• It helps keep costs in the organization to a minimum.
• You can keep segregate non-technical staff from having to get too involved in technical support issues.
• You will be able to better measure technical support performance.

Who is ITIL for?
Information technology service providers, IT directors and managers, Business Managers and indeed, any organisation that depends on IT Services.

What is ITIL Certification?
There are three levels of certification:
Foundation Certificate
The Foundation Certificate enables people to understand the terminology used within ITIL. It focuses upon foundation knowledge with regard to the ITIL Service Support and Service Delivery sets as well as covering generic ITIL philosophy and its background.

Practitioner’s Certificate
This is a qualification on the specific disciplines within the ITIL Service Support or Service Delivery set, including customer and IT organization communication .
Manager’s Certificate
This is aimed at experienced professionals, who will be involved in the management of service management functions.







ITIL Resources
A number of resources have emerged to support both ITIL implementation and individual certification, the most widely used of which is the ITIL Toolkit. We have reviewed this in its own section:The ITIL Toolkit.

Other resources and support materials will be covered in due course.

ITIL Books
Our in-house ITIL bookshop will be opened very soon.

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