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ITIL Service Delivery

What services must the data center provide to the business to adequately support it.

Service Delivery is the management of the IT services themselves, and involves a number of management practices to ensure that IT services are provided as agreed between the Service Provider and the Customer. Essentially, service providers need to offer business users adequate support: Service Delivery covers thos eissues which must be taken into considerationto ensure this.

Service Delivery is divided into:

  • IT Financial Management
  • IT Continuity Managment
  • Capacity Management
  • Availability Management
  • Service Level Management




ITIL Resources
A number of resources have emerged to support both ITIL implementation and individual certification, the most widely used of which is the ITIL Toolkit. We have reviewed this in its own section:The ITIL Toolkit.

Other resources and support materials will be covered in due course.

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