Contents of ITIL - Past and Present

The Five ITIL Volumes

The Five ITIL Volumes are as follows:

Service Strategy
The Service Strategy book provides a view of ITIL that aligns business and information technology. It specifies that each stage of the service lifecycle must stay focused upon the business case, with defined business goals, requirements and service management principles.

Service Design
The Service Design book provides guidance upon the production/maintenance of information technology policies, architectures, and documents.

Service Transition
The Service Transition book focuses upon change management role and release practices, providing guidance and process activities for the transition of services into the business environment.

Service Operation
This book focuses upon delivery and control process activities based on a selection of service support and service delivery control points.

Continual Service Improvement
This book focuses upon the process elements involved in identifying and introducing service management improvements, as well as issues surrounding service retirement.

ITIL Version 2

The previous version of ITIL focused less on lifecycle, and more on process. It was organized into a series of eight sets, which themselves were divided into two main areas: service support and service delivery.

ITIL Service Support

How does the data center ensure that the customer has access to the appropriate services.

ITIL Service Delivery

Service Support comprised those disciplines that enable IT Services to be provided effectively. These are boradly concerned with delivering and supporting IT services that are appropriate to the business requirements of the organisation.

Service Support is divided into:

  • Change Management
  • Release Management
  • Problem Management
  • Incident Management
  • Configuration Managment
  • Service Desk





ITIL Resources
A number of resources have emerged to support both ITIL implementation and individual certification, the most widely used of which is the ITIL Toolkit. We have reviewed this in its own section:The ITIL Toolkit.

Other resources and support materials will be covered in due course.

ITIL Books
Our in-house ITIL bookshop will be opened very soon.

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