What is ITIL?

ITIL is a series of documents, originally created by the Office of Government Commerce, a governmental department in United Kingdom. These are used to help implement an efficient framework for IT Service Management (ITSM). 

This 'ITIL framework' essentially defines how to organize the system and network management departments within individual organizations. The concepts within ITIL support IT service providers in the planning of consistent, documented, and repeatable processes that improve service delivery to the business.

ITIL addresses the organizational structure and skill requirements for an IT organization by presenting a comprehensive set of management procedures with which an organization can manage its IT operations.

ITIL: Information Technology Infrastructure Library.

ITIL is an integrated set of best-practice lifecycle recommendations with common definitions and terminology. It is actually divided into a series of five documents/books, which are known commonly as 'sets' or 'volumes'. The volumes themselves describe what are often termed 'disciplines', covering individual subjects and approaches.

Conceptually, the driving volume is 'Service Strategy', which offers a view of ITIL that aligns business and IT so that each brings out the best in the other. The remaining four volumes are Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement.

An established and well defined certification scheme is also in place to support ITIL. This comprises three disctinct levels: Foundation, Practitioner and Manager. This is discussed in a separate section of this portal.




ITIL Central

ITIL is now a worldwide phenomena, used by organizations of all shapes and sizes, and with a growing army of certified individuals. This website was produced to offer information and support, at both corporate and personal levels. When fully developed, it will provide a focal point for news, interaction and of course access to a wide range of support products and services. 




ITIL Resources
A number of resources have emerged to support both ITIL implementation and individual certification, the most widely used of which is the ITIL Toolkit.

We have reviewed this in its own section: The ITIL Toolkit. Other resources and support materials will be covered in due course.

ITIL Exam Preparation
Revising for examinations can be made easier using a 'self testing' approach. To aid this process, the ITIL Exam Prep Kit has been developed. This contains 145 sample Foundation Exam Questions, with answers and support notes.

ITIL Books
Our in-house ITIL bookshop will be opened very soon. This will provide geographic access to the core ITIL volumes.

New: The Service Level Agreement
Service level agreements are fundamental to sound service managament. Our new section, the Service Level Agreement discussed this in more detail.
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